Transport, getting around Australia

Transport in Australia is not an issue with all forms of transportation available to the public. You can travel within your state by simply driving your vehicle, riding your bike or by using public transport facilities to get to where you want to go.

When traveling interstate you may have to catch a plane, train, bus or drive your vehicle or hire one to use as transport.

Most cities have readily available public transport in the form of bus, train and in some cases tram as is the case in Melbourne and soon to be Adelaide.

If you want to drive your car or hire car you can find parking at one of the many city car parks within all major city centres.

If you plan on taking a holiday you have plenty of choices. Whether you want to hire a campervan and take your time driving up and down along the coastline with your family or simply head to the airport to fly to another capital city staying in five star accommodation with the fiancée are options available to us all.

All capital cities have an airport with many holiday destinations and rural areas having an airstrip. Flying is relatively cheap and with the right flight booking you can be anywhere in Australia within five hours.

Some holidays will see you take the ferry to cross a river, lake or even the sea. All forms of transport are available in Australia to make your holiday experience as comfortable as you want it to be.

There are a large number of passenger airlines in Australia with the majority specialising in holiday packages to exotic destinations around Australia. The major Australian airlines include Qantas, Virgin Blue and Jetstar.

Many people who holiday in Australia just buy a cheap second hand car to use for transportation until it is time to go home. They then sell the car recouping a fair portion of their original outlay in buying the vehicle. This is fine with a cheap car but you run several risks.

Firstly, if you are in a hurry to sell your car when you are going home then you might take a substantial loss if you spend a few thousand dollars to buy your car. If you buy a car too cheaply then you’d have to think that realistically you are probably going to break down somewhere on your travels and you will be spending a few dollars to have it repaired.

The safest option is to just spend the extra money on a hire car and you know that you’re covered by insurance if anything should go wrong mechanically with the car. There’s also a far greater chance of nothing going wrong with the car but the piece of mind you get by hiring a vehicle is well worth the cost.

You can hire a car, 4WD or any other vehicle to drive around Australia or to visit friends and family several hours away and simply don’t want to drive your own vehicle. There are so many transportation options that you can even hire a boat and simply sail around Australia.