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Professional & Reliable Carpet Cleaning Services

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Shine Cleaning helps customer’s homes look clean and tidy. Having carpets cleaned makes the rooms look totally different. Guests will enjoy coming into a house that smells clean and fresh and the home owners will take more pleasure and pride in their clean and fresh home.

A deep, thorough cleaning of whole house is something that everyone should do from time to time. A spring clean can help remove cobwebs from the home and make it look a lot better. It is an excellent feeling once the home has been cleaned. One task that, at one time or another, always needs completing is shampooing the carpets.

When someone has small children or pets, the carpets can get very messy. It’s advisable to clean the carpets at least, once a year. Carpets that have a lot of dirt, grime or germs will require a deep clean so they are ready for the next year of wear. When shampooing carpets, it’s good to do a test area in an unobtrusive area to ensure the process will not discolor fabrics or cause dyes to run. Shine Cleaning takes great care in deeply working into the carpet fibers to get the best results.

There are many options that a person can choose from when they use Shine Cleaning Services – Carpet Cleaning Canberra. It’s easy to clean the carpets, but it is quite time consuming. Carpets get filthy over the year and need a good clean. As it is very time consuming to do this type of work, it is very convenient hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Our professionals at First Steam will come in and do the job professionally, quickly and efficiently.

There are many advantages of hiring a professional team. Many people don’t have the money to buy an expensive machine, but want their carpets cleaned professionally. When there are children in the house, it is best to find a babysitter when the team comes in. It is better if everyone is out of the house so that the work can be carried out in a timely and safe manner.

Our professional team will come into the home and clean every room to a high quality standard. They will give the home a thorough shampoo from top to bottom. They will work on the big spaces, hallways and the rooms that make the most difference. Furthermore, the home will be ready in no time.

Rug area carpets will be shaken and washed. Carpets can get very dirty with body oil, dust and germs. They need a deep cleaning so they do not store dirt and start to smell and fade. It saves a lot of time for a professional company to come into the home and it is much easier, not to mention they can clean to a degree that not just anyone can achieve for themselves. A professional carpet cleaning company can move furniture and get under tight places that are usually difficult to reach.

At Shine Cleaning Services, our goal is to offer every one of our customers the best carpet cleaning service possible at the most affordable price. Unlike many of our competitors, we only utilize eco-friendly green carpet cleaning solutions, our technicians are trained and certified in-house employees, and we never outsource our work to freelance contractors. We’re passionate about offering our customers the safest organic carpet cleaning service in the Canberra and we’re confident you will be satisfied–that’s why we offer a 100% service guarantee!


We Do All Types of Cleaning!

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Steam Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are subjected to a lot of particles all the time. All the dirt and grime settle down at the deep ends with regular usage. Usual vacuuming is not enough. Carpets need professional cleaning at regular intervals. Dirt, food crumbs, pet smells, spills, smoke and regular wear and tear leads to a dull and lifeless carpet. While in fact, a carpet is the life of a room.


Carpet cleaning could be done in 2 ways:

  1. Steam Cleaning
  2. Dry Cleaning

For regular cleaning of carpets, it is advised to alternate between both types of carpet cleaning processes. Both the methods have their own benefits and are recommended as per requirements. We can carry out both types of processes for carpet cleaning as per the requirements of the client and condition of the carpet.

1. Steam Cleaning:


It is not advisable to dry clean your carpets every time. Dry cleaning does not take away all the dirt in detail. In between dry cleaning schedules, it is necessary to steam clean your carpets to really get it nicely clean and fresh and healthy. Bringing the carpets back to its original fresh conditions, detailed cleaning is necessary. Steam cleaning is a long 6 step process which aims at DE-soiling the carpets from deep within. We inspect the carpets, per-spray for better effective cleaning, steam and rinse the carpet to maintain its PH balance and DE-odorise it at the end to increase the longevity of the cleaning effects.

2. Dry Cleaning:


Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning is a carpet cleaning method which uses very low or minimum required moisture for cleaning the carpet. This method is adopted when the time is short and it is not possible to spend enough hours on steam cleaning. Certain carpets need to be dry very fast for re-use, for such conditions dry cleaning is the best option. Though it is not steam cleaning, we take the same care and effort for dry cleaning also. But the process itself does not deep clean the carpets. But it is very convenient for places like hotels or public walkways where the carpet needs to be dry immediately.

Why Us?

Emergency Carpet Cleaning

The question actually is why not us? We take our work very seriously. We are always punctual. Our commitment is everything for us. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and strive to deliver it. We continuously improve our services and never give a chance to the clients to complain. We are determined at giving the best service in the industry at the most economical and competitive price. We don’t consider our business a work, it is something we love. We enjoy doing what we do. We provide all types of expert services. We and our tools are up-to-date and modern.

So, there is no reason to not consider us while you are searching for someone to get your carpet cleaned. The way we do carpet cleaning, nobody else will be able to. We are not looking for new clients; we are looking for family members to add.