Climate And Weather

Climate & Weather

Australia is the driest continent on the planet and with the greenhouse effect making our climate warmer travellers to Australia need to take special care regarding the climate and weather that they will experience when venturing to remote areas.

Australia is a vast land with tropical rainforests in the north, magnificent beaches along its coastline and a desert in the middle. Australia generally has a hot dry climate but in the northern parts it can be very humid and sticky.

The temperature is cooler in the Australian Alps with snowfields in the southeast providing there is something for everyone that lives or visits for a holiday or vacation Downunder.

We have provided maps showing the different types of conditions that you can expect to experience depending on where in Australia you are travelling to or have arrived at.

The first map shows the where you can experience hot humid weather in Australia. The northern parts of Australia include Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, while the north east includes Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. In Queensland you will find tourist attractions such as the Gold Coast, which is home of Movie World and Sea World, and tropical rainforests.

Hot humid areas of Australia

Our next map shows a warm humid zone. If you are planning to be very active on this holiday then it is recommended that you visit during winter, autumn or spring, because the summer can be very humid and very warm.

Warm humid areas of Australia

You can experience a hot dry part of Australia if you visit during the southern winter. The daily maximum is around 37 degrees C and you really can’t afford to be doing too much physical activity during the day. Certainly a part of the country that you need to get any physical work done in the early morning.

Hot dry areas of Australia with warmer winter

This hot dry zone has a climate that you are advised to visit during winter. If you are on an outback holiday then be prepared to experience cold nights when visiting places like Uluru near Alice Springs. Heat during the day can be a health issue so make sure you have plenty of water and someone knows where you are going and what time you should be back.

Hot dry areas of Australia with cooler winter

A warm summer is what most of us enjoy with cool winters although they can get to be a cold. You can experience a variety of changing weather patterns with sunshine one day and cloud cover and rain the next not to be completely unexpected. However, this climate is very comfortable if you don’t like the humidity found in the north.

Areas of Australia with warm summers and cool winters

You can experience mild to warm summer and cold winters in these areas with skiing on the snowfields a favourite pastime to many during winter. You shouldn’t experience too much pain during summer, it’s generally very comfortable.

Areas of Australia with mild-warm summers and cold winters