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How Do I Make My Own Carpet Shampoo?

How Do I Make My Own Carpet Shampoo?

Preparing the carpet cleaning shampoo at home is very easy; you can easily find tips for the preparation of different types of carpet cleaning shampoos online or you can check the manufacturer’s label to know the process of preparing a particular type of carpet cleaning shampoo that suits your carpet fiber. There are many alternatives for the natural homemade shampoo, instead of preparing the homemade natural shampoo you can buy the commercial carpet cleaning products, though it gives you effective results they are highly dangerous for your family and environment. Because the commercial products are filled with harmful chemicals this will release toxins and makes your family sicker.

Instead of putting your family and environment into the risk try the natural homemade solution for cleaning your carpets. These days most of the professionals in the carpet cleaning company suggest natural products to clean the carpet. We use different types of shampoos for different stain treatments in our carpet shampooing process.

DIY Synthetic Carpet Cleaner
White vinegar- 1 gallon
Water- 1 gallon

Take a large bucket and mix the two ingredients and stir well until it mixes well. Now your carpet cleaner is ready to use on the carpet. Before applying the solution follow the manufacturer’s instruction and do not wet your carpet with more liquid because too much of wetness will shrink the carpet.

Carpet Shampoo for the Light Colored Carpets
Four tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution
One tablespoon of detergent liquid
1 ½ gallon of water
Few drops of your favorite essential oil

Mix all the ingredients in the container and stir well. Now pour the mixture into the cleaning machine and clean your carpet.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Machine Solution
Two tablespoons of ammonia
Several drops of your favorite essential oil
One teaspoon liquid dish soap
2 cups rubbing alcohol

Mix all the ingredients in the container with warm water and add the solution to the carpet cleaning machine. This solution will not only work effectively in cleaning the carpet but this is the effective cleaners to clean the floor and bathroom tiles.

Homemade Carpet Cleaning Spray Recipe
One cup white distilled vinegar
15 drops of your favorite essential oil
2 cups warm water
Two teaspoons table salt

Add all the ingredients in the spray bottle and give a good shake. Spray the mixture over the carpet stains and allow the carpet to dry completely. Finally, vacuum your carpet to remove the residue.
DIY Citrus-Enzyme Cleaner.

Seven tablespoons brown sugar
1 ½ cups lemon and orange peels
1-liter water

A large bottle or clear container to hold the liquid and peels

This is one of the powerful homemade solutions used to remove the pet urine stains and odor. Add the brown sugar in the container and place lemon and orange peels over the brown sugar. Now pout water and screw the cap tightly and shake well to mix all the ingredients. loosen the cap and leave the mixture for three months. Open the container after three months and transfer the solution in the spray bottle. Spray the solution on the urine stains directly to get rid of urine stains and odor.